Consulting Services

Robin has been doing training and consultation work for creating affirming and celebratory spaces for LGBTQ+ and Neurodivergent/Autistic communities for eight years. He has done work with colleges, healthcare networks, nonprofits, and public schools across the county on everything from new student orientations to organization policy.

Robin seeks to cultivate spaces for community and individual learning and introspection. Robin designs these spaces so the learning reverberates outside of a workshop, discussion, or retreat.

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Witchcraft and Spell Work Support

With seven years of experience as a witch, Robin offers consultations on building and strengthing your witchcraft practice and executing spells. Robin considers themself an eclectic witch with influences from Celtic, Italian, and North American folk magick as well as planetary magick, ceremonial magick, and Goetia.

For any of these services please fill out the form below. This is offered on a sliding scale of pricing. Prices are also determined by the specifics of the work you are pursuing as some folks might want just one session and others might want several sessions over time.

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Authenticity Reads and Editorial Feedback

Robin offers authenticity reads for a number of identities they hold: autistic, OCD, eating disorders, psychosis, depression, trans, nonbinary, POTS, and arthritis.

Robin also offers editorial feedback on novels in verse and poetry collections. Feedback can be given in the form of line-by-line feedback, an editorial letter, or phone/Zoom consultation.

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