what kind of salt are you?

i take all my pinkness down to the quarry 
where a biplane crashed & became
another mound of gravel. 
guavas won't grow here because they 
are the opposites of stone.
i am soft & i am barely a seasoning.
in the spice drawer a moth lives
next to sticks of cinnamon.
we used to have a salt grinder
but now it's full of sand.
without salt, how can you call 
the tomatoes home? the town sits
on a broken piece of glass.
we stepped on rustied nails & felt
our feet rusting too. deterioration 
is contagious. this is why i avoid 
eating soups. a bread bowl is opening up
in the basement to help feed
the spiders. i tell my brother
if he turns to salt before me 
i will collect all of him 
in jars. he will no doubt 
be sea salt. the ocean is seeking feedback
on it levels. i tell it to stay
right where it is but it inches closer.
even the trees have begun wearing 
shorter skirts in anticipation
for the flood. i tell a weeping willow 
to cry more & use up the ocean.
there aren't enough rocks
to build another fortress. 
i am worried about how we will
protect ourselves when the moon
turns itself in to the authorities.
we are in danger of forgetting
a pot on the stove. we are in danger
of dropping a hairdryer in the bath tub.
the car falls off the cliff & before
it can smash it just transforms 
into a bolder & crashes. nature is
thick with angels lately. perched on all
the rooves in town. i waive to them
the way you might wave to a police officer 
out of fear & apprehension thinking
what are doing here?
my brother takes his hopes
to a cheese grater & they are 
bad parmesan. too salty & too fine.
i buy several bird cages
& i put salt rocks in them. they glow
without an outlet or a wire. i hope one day
they come alive. bring me 
a cardinal or a swallow or another brother
or a sock puppet or a AI.
my thumbs grow in the cellar 
without any light at all. i tell them
they are not neccessary & should return
to the center of the earth. instead, they stay
winking at me with their knuckles.
i press me tongue to a salt like 
& suppress the urge to turn into
a deer. that is dangerous afterall
with all the hunters around here.

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