my teeth & your teeth turn to a fireflies

i pass an angel chewing a rock 
to make sand. those sharp teeth 
& eyelids. the carcasses of jellyfish 
lay around like dabs of grape jam;
we are barefoot & careful not to step on them.
a man flies a kite too close to the sun.
it's bound to catch fire any second
but his sun glasses are so strong 
he can't see anything.
the ocean is close to the crease
just like the mountain & the closet.
a fear can grow if you add water.
like this video for more dissociative content.
i could stare at the moon 
until like eyes turn to hard boiled eggs.
i am missing the feeling 
of salt water air. i am missing 
the bells of dead horses. 
a donut pulls apart to reveal 
a ghost or a puff of steam 
who can know the difference?
a butterfly net can be used
to catch just about any spector.
i stand poised & ready.
five locks on my door & i use all of them
to be safe though i know 
an ocean could break down 
this barrier if it wanted to. the half-hour 
is as strong a unit of measure 
as the brick. i could build a house
from half-hours. this house
is made from watching 
each & every minute. everyone
wants to live alone. i don't 
& i do & not anymore. do you know 
what i mean? i mean this is 
that most knee-caps i've ever had.
i mean my teeth are more slippery 
than ever & the sink & the refrigerator
are my companions. when you call me
the signal is weak, not because 
i live in a mountain but because
the closet forms a seed pod around me.
is my voice the same as it was?
i count my fingers
to be sure. a door knob 
becomes an elbow. i am interested 
in going on a date with a strong oak tree.
collecting his leaves, i might
make an album of our hands.
do you know what i mean when i say
it is impossible for me
to remember your teeth? 
send me one in a jar. 
i want to watch over it 
until it turns into a firefly.
i don't know how i'm speaking anymore--
what with a mouth full of bugs.
knock my door down. break my tongue
in half. i want to be entered 
& remembered harshly like 
a storm that uproots a backyard.
forgive me for being blunt. forgive me
for my itchy windows. come here.
i have a jar ready.

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