july will be full of pixels.

square raindrops are falling
to the green. when i cross the street
god holds his remote controller 
as if he's playing frogger. 
i have three more life tokens
& they glitter in the corners 
of my vision. a hoard of moths
is always ready to fight me.
i smash a beetle into the wall
with my thumb as if it's a big red button.
any room can be a puzzle.
i feel along the floor 
for a loose board to yank
& watch the house open. i don't entertain
the basement's groans. that is for
another level. what i really need
is a home screen. the unspooling
of anthem music around me.
when was the last time 
i felt un-liminal? liminal is
an over-used word when what i really mean
is purgatory. there is 
my religion in me. i need a coin
to light a candle in the cathedral
up the street. i have been waiting
for a new character to approach me.
i fast forward past my neighbor's words--
all of their angular sentences
to get to the point. this man
wants to know where i'm from.
this woman wants to make me 
a fairy house to sleep in. this man
wants to carry me to his bed
& make a blurred graphic of me.
where is the rock rolling to
& who will pick it up when it lands?
i want a new square moon. i want
a bridge over every asphalt.
july rattles & finds a staircase
to trip down. i find
a remote controller in the bathtub.
unplug it from the wall.
whole house does dark
so i plug it back in. yes
this is how it is right now. 
god makes me jump
but my fingers don't graze the ceiling.
a neighbor stands on the porch
waiting to be clicked on.

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