i was greedy & i swallowed
a cloud whole. i had been so hungry
for so long. i sat & counted
the blue objects from
the roof of my car: the sky
the sky the sky. a door knob
in the dirt asked to be turned,
so i reached & the world flipped.
you were no longer an airplane pilot
or a coroner. you were a boy
to run between trees with.
i cashed you & kissed the bark.
my feet in blue & all the tree roots 
tangled in the ceiling. lamps 
in our hair. you swiped a fork
from the drawer & used it 
to comb my hair. i unhinged 
my jaw to show you 
how i eat clouds. on my knees
in a pivoted atmosphere. 
my tongue grazed raw my mist.
taste of above & plummet. taste of 
gazing upward. a sprinkle
of ocean salt. water from
bone marrow & water from 
knuckles & water from loud river--
all of that in my body.
you didn't want to eat one too
so i worked on chewing
alone in the kitchen. i am ashamed
of most things i eat. sometimes,
i dream of being a tree 
or a flower & eating nothing 
but sun. even more often
i imagine a bond fire 
in the forest. you feed me
snake meat & i feed you 
mulberries. you are a boy 
unafraid of wildlife. you take my hand
& bite off the pinky finger.
it was no very useful anyway.
you have no body
but your shadow is sometimes
so large it covers the whole town.
oh lover, i want to show you
what i can do with my teeth.
the clouds curls up feline 
in me. there is rain coming.

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