future poem

a puppet show is opening 
in my vestibule. everyone is a coat
is a coat. a zipper across
a ceiling. across your back.
for all the times i've tried
to jump off rooves
someone should give me
a pair of wings. in a dream last night
my mother told me she was
so sad i didn't take eucharist.
a single wafer replaces
my window. i eat a fleck of glass
i find on the sidewalk
& that shard bisects me.
i am 1/2 & 1/2 of a melancholy person.
when the thunder comes
i have a jar ready to catch it.
have you ever tried
forgetting your legs 
in the backyard where they'll
cause you less grief?
in the back seat of his car
he was a stray dog & so was i.
don't worry we just
cashed our tails. i am still
a virgin in some senses of the word.
a chimney can be
a hiding place.
who left the sink running?
i have a oven full 
of waiting. the snakes
are out & they are hungry 
for appendages. 
can you imagine
a world without your wrists?
let me show it to you.
a serrated knife
is all you need is all
you need. there is nothing
a bandaide & a story
can't hide. why is
your wrist covered?
who planted this staircase
to nowhere? 
a mannequin is writing
new laws that could free us
if they were written
in ink & not clear nectar.
the end is always sweeter 
than the beginning.
i pull the lids
off ice cream containers 
& scatter them around the living room.
who are you waiting for? who
are you still waiting for?
a blue car honks outside my house.
me? not for me.
i lay & become a futon.
my dad is eating 
a telephone phone. the puppet show
goes on without an audience.
i clap to let them know
i'm trying.

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