carcass of a dragonfly on the 6th avenue sidewalk 

metallic angel. hovering survivor 
of the future, what brought you
to the sidewalk where all the gum 
turns scuff ? i have not seen a butterfly 
in years. does a mural count? 
wings of paper. wings of iron. of glass
& of celophane. here comes  
the sound of kneecaps & bustle.
i miss you. i never saw you alive.
where did you travel each day?
in manhattan, did you swallow garbage?
did you sip on cigarette fumes?
i walk & walk & walk through clouds
of people & all their odors + other regrets. 
i never stop not even for an ice cream 
or a handful of mango but here for you
i wanted to stop long enough to collect your soul
in my pockets to show everyone i know.
a train is coming soon 
& we will get on together. 
was there a camera in your heart?
did you mother tell you stories
of august heat? my face becomes 
a mirror & everyone looks at themselves
as i rush. often times, in the city,
a body is more a vessel than before.
coming here coming here. 
i want to deliver you where you 
were going. what kind of burial 
would you like? pristine trinket.
little nothing bird.

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