welcome to the electric museum 

do not enter at all ever. then again
if you want to be singed & sparked 
we have everything you need.
there is a fire waiting for us 
at the end of this hall.
there are busts of drag kings (finally)
& a corridor of fake wands. in the basement
is a morgue where we keep the bodies--
your bodies. a visitor can pay 
to become an exhibit. immortalization
comes in many forms. some people just opt 
to have their hand put in a glass jar.
they come to visit the jar 
& wave with their other hand.
why is the museum electric, you ask?
we needed a way to keep the cows
from entering. you know, cows really like
modern art & they especially love 
history. put some electric in the walls though
& they keep their distance. 
we haven't figured out yet what to do
about the lions. they won't bother you here
but in your dreams you'll probably meet them
for the rest of your life. 
the museum will hold whatever you want to see.
when i first arrived i saw my father
pacing a hall of blank canvasses.
the fountain is spewing nectar.
a curator made of wax. everyone's hair
standing on end from the static
& the worry. what do you want to see
in the big dark display case of your life?
i'm hoping you won't leave.
the museum was founded by 
two black holes deeply in love.
they sent fragments of light to construct
our pulsing walls. only from afar 
can they see the museum's glow.
if they ever arrived they would destroy it all.
but, please eat the tile floor. please
make yourself a real visitor.
get lost deep in the bare branch topiary.
follow your father's ghost. all the faucets
spew blue paint. leave a hand print
on the bathroom wall.
i'll be fading into a wire
if you need me. 


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