all the moons are out tonight at the ball field.
glow on the dirt. ghost boys
bring the skeletons of their fathers.
run the bases round. i send my pennies to hell
because they won't add up. a jar 
of strawberries shrinking into stones.
my angels have bat wings 
& they kick pumpkins down the street.
mums bloom from each of their footsteps.
for the longest time i've staved off septembers.
slept long & deep. closed my eyes.
plugged my ears so i didn't hear 
the leaves loud oranging each day.
i am not as into death as people might think.
by my front door i leave spell jars
to keep him away from this house.
no one is dying anymore. we're all just
going to play forever baseball.
we're all just going to lay down
for a long long sleep. wake up in a green month.
the moons flap one-winged. i use eyeliner 
to carve a crescent. wolves walk
on hind legs. they chat with each other
& window shop while i let the season
do its worst with me. i'm all bare branches
& rain slick sidewalk. the ghosts are
asking for something to eat
so i bring them fading bananas which they share.
i want to be less scared of the cold.
the bees hum their final hums.
all kinds of farewells. i take notes.
it is not easy to learn how to leave
but the animals know best how to.
i'm saving up to buy a coffin or at least
a red wagon. someone parade my body
through town. tell the townspeople
"look here is your neighbor the scare crown."
all the wolves howl. the angels disperse
& perch on the eaves. one pumpkin is growing
in my kitchen. it's already the size
of the dining room table. the moons
are hungry. i'm out of pennies. 
all i can here is orange. 

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