the lake dried up last night

an act of sublimation-- 
instantaneous heat. no one knew 
what to do. sirens dislodged 
from their emergencies. i shut my door
& plugged my ears. a thorough singe. 
i'm staring down
the head of a pin but it's a dream
so it's alright i will soon wake up
at 4am & stare into the quiet dark 
of my bedroom. my dresser 
is a man full of clothes. pull
panties from his mouth. thank you thank you.
i don't wish i was a girl
but i do wish always to be more dainty.
give me a lace fire. give me 
a bow on my Armageddon. 
all my shoes are glass now.
i swim through a house filled with water.
i'm in a bikini & everyone can see
& they like it. my breasts turned
into helium balloons long ago 
& they still skirt across the ceiling. 
about the lake:
there are animals mourning.
birds pluck along the parched edge
looking for dried worms. 
a shriveled snake curved 
like a question mark the in dust.
he's asking what what what &
who did this?
freeze dried reeds. i've stopped
trying to drink water & now i just
inhale the ash. there is a wind chime
where ribs were. the pin
enters my skin smoothly. there is no pain 
at all in being set in place. 
who am i going to take down to the river
now that i am alone & now that
the river is just a trail of rocks.
a gender is the loneliest thing. 
why did i make myself? 
i miss my bleached hair. i miss
the makeup i wore three nights ago.
& blush why don't i have any blush.
give me acrylics i want 
to dig in the dirt like a monster.
the lake is sleeping now
where no one can touch it.

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