if i had a clone 
i would send her to do 
all the terrible things for me.
she would stand in long grocery lines
& she would shave her head
so i could see what i look like.
they clone all kinds of animals these days.
if my dog dies i will have her cloned
so as to stave off 
some specific fragment of grief.
a sheep stares into the eyes
of its clone. is a clone
a replica or a reconstruction?
my clone is taking a walk on the beach.
i am giving her a brief. my clone
is not transgender seeing as 
biology is expensive. 
i wanted my clone to have
all my blood memories but she knows 
very little of our body. 
they clone cows & pigs too-- 
harvest skin cells to build 
the mirror animal. somewhere 
a farm emerges of only clones.
the animals walk in unison. hooves
in the mud. now my clone is eating pasta
& she's reading a book i've never read.
i am so jealous of her
with all that whimsy. she's content
to just move like a windmill.
if there was a clone
of my clone would it still
be me? is destroying your own clone
a form of self-harm?
don't worry i'm just curious.
i do love her in the way
someone might love
a smooth rock. she is sleeping
on the couch with a throw blanket.
i am petting her hair.
there, there clone. it is alright.
you grew up inside 
a little tube. i grew up
in a backyard of bright glass.
when you wake up you will have to
go to a wedding for me
& i'll be here with 
all the sheep. 

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