i was your 3D printer

out my mouth came a thimble
& a jam jar & a rocket ship.
what wouldn't i do to please
creator boy world? i wanted
to be the beautiful machine.
all girls are robots. what does
that make me? a hybrid design
thing creature. the distance
between "creator" & "creature"
lengthens every day. 
i look at circuit boards
& weep. my family tree glistens
in the deep web. a dark
search engine lurks & waits
to arrive me at a new bus station
where all the cyborgs are
delivered for their dreaming.
i want a wedding made of ice.
a boy & his gamer remote toggle.
make me a prettier avatar & 
then hook me in please i want 
to see me allotted amount 
of nonsense. we thrived 
once in the wire before
i worried about rings. it this true 
what they say about tech eating
itself at night. tomorrow 
i could be a mouse or 
even a light bulb. you could be
a paper boy selling broken tvs
from the curb. once i used
my skull for a monitor.
once we kissed until electricity 
short circuited our futures 
& the bed became an AI. 
what else would you like?
i want to materially please you.
i want you to look around
at all your objects & think
"there is nothing else
i could even think to ask for."
hot tub sex toy parade float.
my jaw unhinges to print
the best mirages. we bask 
in the advancements like snakes.
the sun hologrammed a long time ago.
i sit in your lap 
to worship illusion. 
you trace the parameter
of my mouth & praise its design. 

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