in a lover's bathroom

the mirror asks only 
yes/no questions. are you 
going to wash your face? 
is 'boy' a state of mind or 
a body part? do you love him
or are you just wishing
you loved him? i turn my heart 
inside out & shake looking
for a quarter to press
between thumb & finger. 
life is full of brief privacies.
all my clothes are too loose
& too tight. if i return 
to his living room
& there he is sofa-waiting like a doll
what will i do 
with all my longing? 
should you tell another person
you want them to cradle you? that you want
them to use your body as kindling. 
a mouth to me is never 
just a mouth. i portal all these boys.
walk through their teeth
to where i jigsaw them
into a future where we grow
old as trees. my iPhone is charging.
i should go home soon. 
are my nails too long? 
what will he do when i leave?
will he come to this room
& undress & think of us together
in his bed sleeping, pouring
a whole afternoon. will he stare
in the mirror too long or 
not long enough? i am becoming
a sticky note soul.
i want to fragment myself--
leave a foot in every location.
the wind outside is made of 
gills & rattles the world.
do not make me leave. do not 
make me leave. i will sleep 
in the tub if i have to.   
then in the morning
we can resume somehow.
trade the love stories
we're writing about each other.
a penny on the floor.
stares up at me with its 
one copper eye. 

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