in the arcade we ask for dangers

bowl of blinking light & 
songs of new neon roads.
get in a broken blue. shed
a fragment.
we point fingers at pixel men
& smashed the heads of clowns
hiding in their borrows. late january,
gloves crumpled & waiting in pockets.
claw machine dreaming for us.
a coin becomes encounter.
gamble with moons. bartering
for wheel & knuckle. 
the bathrooms there 
kissed each other.
screen glow of a new candelabra.
the photo booth posing for us.
here is your memory new born 
& still pink.
three pictures. put you face
back on. a child running with a knife.
winter eating the soles of our shoes.
prize is a never the truth.
just a fraction of it.
what is 1/2 of a real full planet?
now what is a 1/4 of 
your nightly desire? 
pocket of flash. thumb 
on the tongue of another gun.
i want to keep you in this game
where we try to win each other
stuffed mirages. i say 
tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow 
& you focus on the trophy. 
give me a new glister.
take me home in plastic & package.
how much does your 
disco ball hum? what are we 
going to do with flirting planet?
nothing, nothing at all for now
because there is a ramp 
to run. you take off your knees.
mine turn into headlights.
candy in the blood stream.
sink in my 30 second timer.
you've lost. we've won. 
count jupiters. a stuffed boy.
water gun wound. don't ever
take me home. 

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