lawn half-mowed

lawn half-mowed.
staircase half-walked.
jupiter half-open.
face half-shaved. the door 
half-open. my brother half-
born. a tree half-grown.
the morning half-blinking.
frost half-used. my bedroom
half monastery. my heart half-frying pan.
our family half-melting. 
butter half-cold. microwave 
half-hazardous. brothers half-truthful.
my dog half-sentient. myself 
half-wise. the house half-ghost.
girls half-electric. boys half-
god. me half-severing. me half-
guts. you half-tender. you half-
glacier. father half-drunk.
shoelaces half-done. a war
half-finished. deer half-starved.
a telescope half-blurry. ice half-blazing.
eyes half-pearl. ocean half-evaporated.
ozone half-gone. ice cream half-eaten.
a is bird half-feathers. half half-nonsense.
nonsense half-slurped. hurting half-on purpose.
haphazard half-for-the-hell-of-it. hands
half-folded. novel half-written.
teeth half-absconded. car half-useless.
mouth half-porthole. ship half-sailed.
dog half-human. memory half-projector.
you half-promising. me half-lullabying.
mothers half-gathering. funeral half-
digging. dirt half-giving way.
this morning half-my fault. last night
half-forgettable. your old phone number
half eights. our bodies together 
always half tongues. your fingers 
half meat. my eyelashes half-moth.
high noon half-betrayal. shadows 
half-alive. your pillow 
half-triumph. the lawn half-mowed.
all of us half-extinct. 

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