when the world was an earring

i pierced a hole 
through the middle of my body like a sewer pipe.
we glinted in the morning's gold
& greened like spring onions.
all i wanted was a stud 
in the sand. we collected the horses
from the bottom of the barrel & 
gave thanks for orange peels. 
teeth sharpened to points 
& we drank the blue from every icicle.
what do you know about 
puncture? drilling holes in the drywall
to let out the pressure.
emptying my the house of its 
hot slippery ghosts.
bubbling oil. bread a star.
all i wanted was to be the kind of shine
visible from space. the moon
nods off to sleep. a buoy 
in my heart warbles. sea gulls
fly upside down. the ocean takes her oven
to the shop for fixing. all the stop lights
are replaced with costume jewelry.
women & geese climb the apertures
to snatch their pick. 
next year, next year we will
be holy. next year the trees 
will return with necks & new 
foliage. fresh green poetry.
i'll eat with a shovel in the early dark.
what should we do in the meantime?
i have a hot needle & i have
a trembling earlobe. i have 
a drum tight with the cow 
it was pulled from. come with me
i need help propping up
the backdrop. the mountain 
hasn't been a mountain for a long time. 
so, keep me a little velvet box. 
then, lose one half of me 
on the last day of the month
& discard the rest.

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