pizza jukebox favorite song

i drove my car through
the key hole to reach you. you were
listening to that blinking red music again
& heard nothing of my piano-ing.
mozzerella is a love-making device
whose width can be strung long & thin
like a violin string. a boy is playing
his heart out of the roof. we should
give him a quarter for his meat.
everyone knows that once in awhile
you'll want to walk down to
the cardboard shops & a plead
for nurishment. a paper plate 
can last as long as you keep talking to it.
remind that sliver it once was a tree.
to serve is to warp in the wind.
what is your favorite song. i'd like
to fill my mouth with it until
it turns hard & round as a pearl.
we should get dinner sometime & by dinner
i mean just a slice of dirt. i want 
to plant flowers on your tongue.
yellow yellow flowers. 
the neighbor man is porching himself to death
waiting for a bite. are your pickles singing 
or was that a bird? i'm stuck
in the syrup of hating you. let's get over it
& make pieces. i have sausage in the fridge
if you'd like to start there.
how do you fold? is a quarter enough
for all the trouble. i left
my instrument in my last life
& now i rely on machines. player piano.
player guitar. ghostly visitations.
i'm dabbing the sweat from my face
with a brown paper napkin. the night itself
is as viscous as sauce. 
i'd like to dip & be dipped. 
the music is heavier than ever. 
i'm trading a tooth for it. 

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