let's run between cars on 5th avenue.
headlights like quarters to spend
on the afternoon heat machine.
once we werre racing on the new jersey turnpike
& we should have disintegrated but didn't.
sever the radio into equal fourths.
one for you one for me. car legs
warbling like song birds. 
i hung the stop light around my neck
to make you laugh. red comes
like a wide afternoon. you tell me
to read your lips in the honk
of the dead birds. all i can see
you saying is, "maybe maybe."
your teeth are doors i want to pull open.
we play tag in the tremoring city.
no one has eyes anymore. we are using
magnificent implants that only show
obejcts that smell pleasant.
there aren't enough trains so 
only glossy people come & go. 
in the rear view mirror our 
mothers are singing without sound.
the pigeons are in the trunks
we have to let them out. a simple lock
stands between me & a love poem.
staring into the car-blur i can almost see
an animation of a balloon leaving
a boy's hand. in the morning 
all i want is the right spoon.
at night, please give me someone
who worries about yellow as much as me.
the tv stopped asking questions
& now is just an eye piece. 
i perescope through lunch & catch
a glimpse of tomorrow 
i wasn't supposed to see yet.
i love ruining surpirses. do you miss
the sound of the can opening?
a stray dog bites a lamp post down.
none of us are flattened
but all of us are unrecognizable.
mirrors spit us back out & fold 
like pocketbooks. there's a wild
20$ bill in the bush or
is that just a kiss of weed? 
tell me, what is it you want to see
less clearly? i want to stand
on either side of the street 
as cars crackle & spit & try 
to say your name 
while you try to say mine. 

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