i'm staring at the sun & letting my eyes go egg/yolk

ooze like a shatter. all over 
the uv. once the atmosphere was held
together by staples & now we have glint.
a joint gouging. no one blinking 
for the moon. the right boy
isn't waiting. the right tower
was already built. now we just have
to feel for it. if you were really coming
you would have written your name 
in the sky. i take all the blue & stuff it down.
i wanted your empty leach. i wanted 
the last segments of sweat. summer sister
what are you doing to survive the cold? 
no more more moritician music, just 
a siren etching itself into the screen door.
i set my teeth out on the counter
one by one like guns. once, i took 
a picture of the sun & i saw your face
in the glare. freckles & all.
i am in the process of multipying.
soon there will be enough spiders
to go around. take a tape measure 
& trace the distance between here & 
there. find the sun is getting closer.
knocking on the back door. you never disclosed
where you live. who is going
to water the puppets? who is going to teach
the babies how to evaporate?
never mind all of that. 
you were supposed to be a great
at trickling down the side of
any given planet. i collect you
in several beer glasses. amber as 
the afternoon. sun swallowing 
greedy doorknobs. when we are new
i want to take you on a trip to 
my favorite soup bowl. look down
in the broth & see our faces.

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