wawa sign

we pull off from endless.
carry doors in our pockets & our teeth
& our shoulders. i'm driving the car 
away or towards philly 
& you're toying with the broken radio
that keeps singing opera. the night
is coming for us & we've spent
other driver's tail lights 
on keeping the machine. dashboard feet.
hands tangling & untangling. early in love
we could spin any road into enchanment.
passing towns started to feel like
spending tokens. little house after little house.
dead car backyards. are we all taking turns
being each other's passerby? 
before we go inside the gas station 
we sort our savings in the cup holder.
quarters & wrinkled dollars & 
lonely dimes. enter as neon men.
fingers eager for wrapper crinkle
& safe passage. watch truckers
fill buckets of soda & a woman 
eating a soft pretzel 
by the trash can. she stares off
with a glowing phone in one hand.
we love to be urgent & impatient.
see the licorice rope highway outside.
buy gum & swallows 
& cosmic brownies. kiss haloed 
by gasoline smell. linger longer
than we should. the luminesce 
of the sign sketching shadow's
in the front seat. he puts
his legs across my lap & leans
the seat back. engines start & stop
around us like doors. 

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