it says it won't rain, but then it comes

& i'm an aquatic mammal
with my wooden flippers digging for rush.
useless as my legs were 
i'm trying to find a synonym for running. 
drowned three times before midnight 
& each was heavier than the last.
there are different depths for different species.
i never wanted to be dazzling. the sharks
circle around my ankles like bracelets.
we all talk prehistoric & ask 
for each other's area codes. 
the world can go so blurry so fast.
drenched & no longer electronic 
i hold my circuit boards in my hands.
there is gold just beneath the skin.
wearing a baleen skirt i catch 
the future's dead leaves in my waist.
we should invent a song to nurture 
this gushing. or just a word that would
snake between droplets & find 
refuge in our ears. i dream of surviving 
when the sea levels rise. no kissing
on rafts, but rather evolution-ing backwards.
gills on chests. gills on shoulders.
sharp inhale between cloud burst.
i wore the grey dress on the day 
we no longer needed blood. carved a key
from stone & handed it over to a guard.
birds discussing other uses for feathers.
your face turned strange & amphibial.
no one told me it was going to rain
so hard & so fast. i would have 
cut an umbrella from the red. i would have
worn my bow-tie. give it all over.
i want to be so empty there's not even room
for a question. you could ask
do you still love me? & it would just
pass right through me. me, the swelling creature
making a house of myself. front door sore
from tredding water. just come in 
& bring fresh lightning with you. 

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