unresearched birth control methods

the woman's voice de-scales me
like a halibut & peels back the skin
in search of eggs. every planet
is hatch-able if it found the right
crook to mother it. i am warmer
than i've ever been. i sit on 
the back stoop & swallow obsidian
to protect against futures. 
i'm testing new modes of evasion.
i cut doors in my wrists 
for the worms to wriggle their way out.
i used to try to stop loving prolific boys
but i've given up & resolved 
to make a knot of my body. 
i put a string in his mouth & say 
pull harder. use the spoons to spill
my guts like the ripe inside 
of a mango. save the monsterous seed.
hold in my mouth. teeth like church steeples.
every seed can be swallowed
no matter how thick. dig a whole
to fill with rinds. he holds my hand
like a necklace throat. i cross my fingers
to keep myself safe. often i pray 
into family members purses &
steal quarters from the walls. 
there is nothing holy about 
fearing vessels. my water bottles 
grow danger. ten fingers. ten toes.
a new fist rising from the lake's 
early spring murk. blue the mother
away with a tuning fork. my voice
can shatter any profession of love
& leave my in the ambiotic fluid.
he didn't understand what i meant
when i said i am the pistil. he
gets to just perch & look 
like a good wasp-killer. 
we must both be barefoot. he must 
close his eyes & forget i am 
just a jar of thimbles. he will prick
his finger. did i say thimbles?
i meant needles. the water is stocked
for the season. take a net to the shore
& sift for children. name them all
after me but leave me out of it.
tell them their father was a 
conch shell or a comet. i'll pass over
in 200 years just to tell them 
i'm not sorry at all. the chickens 
get up & move to the field
leaving their eggs to chill & sleep.
in the field they feast on remnants.
he drives home without a beak. 

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