the moon got a nose ring.
i bought a pair of earrings 
for my favorite cardinal & she went
to the prom alone. a bear stole
my studs & checked her reflection
in the shifting river. 
whole streches of wide open skin. 
we should
go hiking with our mouths open 
to catch butterflies. where & how
will you place the door?
i told you to stick your finger
in the wound on my side 
& it came away with glitter.
we laughed. simon put his hair
in a man-bun before 
carrying the cross 
down to the bridge. i'm not saying 
we need a jewel or even a jukebox.
i'm just saying some music 
would be nice to pierce with.
paper towels 
& a sewing needle slipped through skin. 
ice cubes.
red november. nice & even.
one on each side. how do you make do?
i inspect my profile. cut silhouette 
froma scrap cloth. pin to the door
in case of intruders. 
breaking skin
like a soda tab. i was so shaken
& shimmering. who knows what i was 
supposed to do with my hands
so i put them on your waist like
a high school slow dance. 
there aren't enough 
disco lights. there aren't enough 
bed room floors. i wanted to dangle
from your ear lobe. hang glider.
honey spoon. halo. finding holy
at the end of a pester. drill
to puncture tooth. i've got you
by a short string & i don't know
where we're going. let's leap  
face-first into the needle-stack
in search of clasps. you don't need
to worry about stigmata. 
there's already one.
there can only be one. 

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