bee eating

hive in the freezer.
quiet blurring wing. drawer of 
teaspoon. where do you put
the bad planets? teeth in a suitecase.
no where to doggie paddle.
a basinette for the brother feet.
bee eating by the favorite statue.
stuffed face. stuffed cheeks.
thrum in summer. thumb in winter.
i have nothing to say about
insect legs. trading glups
of little bird faces. we were
always too hungry to be saved.
no the honey. we needed 
a swallow of sources. 
twenty-five rotations around
the round-about. wheels
stacked high in the closet.
no nightmare video for sharing.
mud rooms upon mud rooms. we just
could have been more tactful
about how much we admit to
in front of the children.
the hive in the fridge
wants answers. frozen queen 
with her bullet children.
could we go to the market
& maybe even find a parcel of men?
just enough to get us through
the limb-burning months?
anything is almost over
if you close your eyes 
& bear down. or is it bare down?
why should i admit anything.
it's all on footage. roll it back.
bee eating in the coffin
with the salad fork. set 
the coffin on the desk top
for a rainy slice. bee eating
in the cupboard where no one else
can get jealous of the hum hum.
teeth to carapice. nothing else
but mustard in the oven.
when i grow my wings
it's all over. it's really 
all over. come lay down 
& wait for the window to open
with me. it's only a matter of years.
i'll pass you a bee.
put it under your tongue.
don't bite down. not yet. 

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