heaven arcade 

use your dim devotion joy stick 
to take me across your pixel.
everyone at their own 
autographed machine.
i have been waiting 
for my soul to seep out 
like tea in hot graphics card water.
i've been staring up 
at the big night screen
looking for loot.
i was a token maker in the end times
& my pocket heavy with attempts 
at running across the river styx. 
play me the original version 
& i'll hold down the "run" button.
"press me" bloomed red on your back
& i never mentioned just
resisted the urge to touch. 
manna will be delivered via
slot in the staircase.
another life waiting 
at the buckle. little self
with its hands pressed together
in prayer. i heard that 
in the fountain 
you can fish for your own face
& find another round. 
play again & again. take the
both photo with a silly face.
five-hundred points to go 
for the real sliver swords.
another thousand & you could
achieve the plastic boat.
ride it home where nothing 
is electic at all. your feet 
ask too many questions. this is just
another movement mechanism.
lights flash as they come 
like collisions. a mallet
to keep the fathers 
in their silos. one more game
before salvation. 
take off your shoes 
to go in the ball pit.
one huge sphere to converse with.
your forehead frayed
with all the after-ing.
who is going to unplug 
the engine when it inevitably 
overheats with all the joy litter.
reboot in the process 
of saving foot step. take it back
before you can remember 
the neccessary puzzle pattern.
god in his boss stage
no taking visitors. starting
once again in the false green.
a ring twirling 
like an unwearable halo.
extend one more time.
cloud glitch & your buggy shoes.
let's walk down 
to the invisible edge
& sing. 

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