by nightfall, buildings were as thin as string beans.
i took your hand & pulled you through
our favorite wreckage. funny how 
every little destruction can be
coated in bronze & saved for future fingers.
dead trains shook like hampsters in their holes.
we needed a method of transportation
so, by flashlight, we made the teleporter
we'd always talked about. gum & dimes &
a little stage to crouch on. i asked
where you thought you were going & you shrugged
& said you'd let the trade winds decide.
every body might as well be a molecule boat.
press a button. gone you were. absense expanding
were your bones used to vibrate the air. 
the river had been toxic for a long time 
but in the dark then without you 
it glowed a new green. i dipped my feet
to watch them swim free. two pulsing golfish.
thinner still, the towers were wide as tooth picks
& people still managed to clock in. swipe cards.
slink into breath-sized room. i ran my fingers 
across the walls like bars then strings.
a city is a strummable thing. thumb 
to window. you were so far away. 
i couold tell you put a latitude
in your heart & spun with it. why hadn't i 
asked to leave first. then again,
i think i feared the techology. 
it's possible you didn't teleport anywhere,
just dispersed like a blown dandelion skull. 
there was only one way out. a tunnel
the width of a pinky. i sucked in.
surprised myself with how much i had 
to be drawn closer. in a past life maybe
i was a corset maker or a may pole weaver.
once out the girth of structures terrified me.
so much room. everyone was a bay window.
no sign of you anywhere. the device
winking in an alley elsewhere. 
the city then behind me, 
a single coarse string dangling 
from a cloud. waiting to be pulled.

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