by which i mean we lived 
inside a hot tub & worried about
the potential for pregnancy 
or patchy alternate realities.
put our hands over jet streams 
& downloaded our favorite music
right into our skulls. 
i didn't know what you were listening to.
everything was completrely private
behind lovely picket fences.
fences are expensive or was it
expansive. i love a nice division.
here is your arm & here is mine
& here is the polaroid we took 
to commemorate buying realestate 
on the moon. then the water gets warmer.
not global-warming heat but like
kissing-too-much heat. it's harder to breathe
each day. i want nothing to do with
tree planting. all my trees arrived 
like children. two-day shipping.
who needs dirt. washing my hands 
in the water. my leg becomes your leg
& i say, "hey give it back."
in the oven our premaid soccer game
is waiting like an enterprise.
i'd really love to float on my back
but looking directly up at the sky
makes it prone to glitching.
i can do without an existencial crisis 
for at least the next month.
don't have time i nthe schedule.
putting a reminder on my phone
to kiss you before
all the water evaporates 
& we have to ask the well 
what it thinks of our hair.
whose lawn is purring again? which car
is offering to drive any one in need
to the nearest cliff for irrevocable diving.
i'm trying to just take in the moment.
my therapist in the microwave says
i can't have it all so i shut the door
& tell her to calm calm down
it's not that serious. it's just a house.
i'm just a house. 

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