mortar & mortar 

with you i became intact. original.
stepped into an ocean's feathers. 
i am one second from un-collision.
the perfect dust. your every breath like birds
as we made the space craft from cardboard 
& tin cans. camped out in the thinnest closet.
antler from the dumpster. i needed you
the way grind needs rosemary & the way 
a cemetery without visitors goes static. 
cast iron pan on the porch. the neighbors' midnight 
orchestra. a bicycle burned into 
the hallway light. tell me more about 
your concrete. tell me where you want
to be pressed this time. my face can be
your only gramophone. let's sing louder
& unravel words into colors. you make me dream
of vacant weddings where our love becomes
an object. glossy vase. chandelier.
i carry you easy as a basket of dandelions.
you kiss me like stones tell each other secrets.
i want nothing more than to sleep 
inside your story. dog-eared under blankets.
pestles barking in the yard. we're 
too content. too full of bay windows.
i'll climb the tree. you turn over the earth.
a spot for the moon to nestle deep
while i tell you again how much i love you.

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