sun & moon

the planets & stars & even the comets
& asteriods & black holes are all trans.
since i fell in love with you i see them 
bold as beach balls blaring through 
every ceiling. the stars gather
like gnats on the windowsill. i feed them berries
from the palm of my hand. 
you make nebulas hungry. you make 
the universe feast. 

i want to be the sun to your moon
by which i mean i want to see your 
ocean-pull & the glow of your face
& know we contain fragments of each other.

at your kitchen table
we talk about particles slipping
through walls like ghosts. you draw
a diagram. i picture particles confetti dancing
myself becoming a wave of light. 

every day i love you more
which is another way of saying i wake up 
& invent new planets to give to you. 
this one is green & expanding. this one
is just a halo. 

if i was the sun & you were
the moon i would still find a way to visit you.
would unspool physical until
there was nothing left but 
our own wanting. my forehead to yours.
a kiss planted on your neck.

you make the whole universe made knowable.
around every corner i find another 
orbit back to you. particles laugh
in their secrets. 

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