microwave safe

i was made to be heated from the inside.
unevenly & drastically. the boiled heart.
the blazing lung. inside we would walk the plate's rim.
inspect the back of our hands for cancer.
popcorn-kerneling, our skulls burst bright
& white & soft. inside we were held.
carried on saucers. safety is a matter 
of range. knife sharpener as a light saber.
father breakfasting on his feet. shoveling food
with his bare paws. he laughs at his own jokes
& the jokes enter the microwave through
its vents. become sour & mean. we are not even
siblings anymore. we're something more like
mitosis-ed cells. i see my horrors in his horrors.
my mispellings in his teeth. his weeping
in my whirl. an old carousel turns inside
both of our mouths. hunger is the easiest 
form of wanting. a cell of a cell. the microscope
blurred from lack of use. if you're not looking
nothing is happening. sadly, the world is not
a simulation. it's just happening & we're just
trying to hold onto the hem as it walks
to the big bedroom. i love my father most
when i'm being cooked. quickly & efficiently.
then, set to cool & steam. the steam is a reminder
my water is finite. particles gone.
walls unhappily going on. he is done now
& so is the appliance. quiet cool dark.
rooting for the other. you in your knee-tucked dream.
touching the surface of my skin to find 
what has been unscathed. microwave was 
an oasis, you understand? it is better to not know
what will be lost. he pops the door open
like a bottle cap. 

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