intermuscular planets

deposited like sewing needles 
into a ripe tomato. i was the galaxy grime 
& you were the insertion tutorial. 
a nurse sits on the end of the bed 
& smooths & smooths. there's nothing
to be done about the throbbing. walk it off.
walk off the edge of a sturdy precipice 
& learn to hover like jupiter. 
for my 10th birthday i was rewarded 
with my very own. a sharp jagged planet.
i wanted something blue. all the water
stolen by our own. i pinch the muscle.
feel the entrance like a hinge or
a tanned skin. drumming like a dragon
in the throws of a magic episode.
replace magic with manic. i was 
holding as still as possible & still
grazed the vein now weeping. 
i'm full of statues & statistic.
one in every three men feels useless
after learning gravity is what hold
us all down. mirror at the back of my throat.
a whole vanity. brushing my hair.
one hundred strokes. the texture of ice
after talking to it. planets in each thigh.
their hunger for moons & reaching
for asteroids. comets like gnats buzzing
above the sleeping bananas. i used to want
to be a real boy. now i want to be
galactic. want to be full of mass.
want to pull objects from their own desires
towards me. i transform socks into sail ships.
spoons into lighthouses. glint of a candle
between my ribs. flicker boy shadow 
in the ghastily noon swamp. wipe blood
from the doorframe. close it shut. 

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