the invention of waterfalls

in the before times, there was no such thing as plummet.
the water came down from the mountain geometrically: 
triangles & hexagons. swiped from the air by neighborhood children 
& used as rainbow-spitting prisms. the angels spun each shape.
decided on distance & divison. as they worked they named the clouds 
after the children they wished they could have. their long
dewy fingers knitting water into water. no one fell.
not even small children. the ground was made of flurries.
when dishes were dropped they'd just hover before
laying down gently. not all acts of physics are scientific.
in fact none of them all. the downward was something 
angels had considered often, wondering if it might make
less work for them. they took turns testing the new feature,
tossing a rock down a roof-side or spilling glasses of milk.
they delighted in the hurtling. they even tried to fall themselves,
nosediving from their clouds to no avail. they could invent falling
but they could not fall themselves. some wept, wanting so badly
to feel the air open around themselves. others thanked god
for this gift of presence. yes, everything else would drop
& crash, but not us they said. the waterfall was not intentional.
it was a natural consequence of the contagious descension
spreading all over the world. one day an angel went
to knit to water & found it gushing from the mountain's throat.
washed his hands in that deluge & then his face. soaked through
his robes. he laughed. decided not to tell any other angels.
this would be his private plunge. he dreamed all day of it--
water free of angles. water spilling & wild. 

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