I set a bowl of milk out
For my heart to drink. You slept
All my life inside the mountain.
Ate quartz & shale. I shaved my head
Into a mason jar & watched it turn
Silver. Breakfasting under a waterfall.
Which one of your pets
Died first? How old were you when
You first tried to pocket the moon?
A thief, I have always been prone
To summertime. Saved my own egg shells
For a future ritual. I use Venus
as a quarter sometimes.
I’ll be the gumball machine
If you’ll watch me descend.
Nothing beautiful is sturdy.
We broke our legs & spent all the orange.
Emptied swimming pools
with our longing. Nightfall heavy
& thick with cicada wings.
Could we have kissed
Like tree branches
or deliberate
As a movie screen? I’ll never know
So I come here. Swallow weights
Known only by cloud families.
Watch my father spend himself
Above a factory. Rain & dust.
Your ghost smells like lavender
& corn husks.

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