smoothie machine

in the blade nest i settled 
with the tree bark & the moss.
from now on everything will be swallowed.
teeth used for necklaces. i give one
to each of the people i've ever slept with.
they wake up with a chain around their neck
& the tooth buzzing & ready.
we were bananas ripening past ourselves
towards sugar. sun in our pocketbooks.
moon waiting in the bathtub.
needed more money for useless:
gas station key chain & galloons of milk.
stood on the street corner & sold
cups full. brimming. waved at strangers 
who waved back. gave teeth away 
in the hopes they would return the favor. 
an eye for an eye 
is only true about eyes. 
i threw in old sweaters & 
a hair brush. the smoothie machine laughed
& struggled but finally found 
the nothing texture. we drank mangos
in the train station. leaned against
a scuffed wall 
while knees tried to catch 
their directions. always uptown.
window shopping in each others faces.
a handful of blueberries. a sock.
hair clips. pocking a tea bag 
just in case of hot water. a round 
wooden table taken apart until
it could fit. i carry a straw 
in my backpack. always prepared.
most of life is better taken
like a coarse river & less like
a still life. it's about finding 
where the liquid could arrive.
salt on the table. a pinch
over the shoulder. 
leaves you hungry. searching the house
for just one more. just one more. 

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