the catastrophe was soft as ice.
every corner of the room catalogued our hair.
help the mites to their homes.
three fingers to trace base board.
each digit turned centipede. find me
your favorite crease & i'll lay there.
journey of a thousand legs. oven clock saying
"there has been a power outage." winds
spitting their old names. in the apartment
i tricked the lights into thinking i was
a visitor. my bones thinned to birds.
the birds laid belly-up.
on the porch cigarette butts gathered
like church goers. how could anyone
take the broom & dance like father-daughter?
i never wanted a wedding so bad.
tower of fruit. fresh apples in the fridge:
red & righteous. trying new ways 
to stack my shoes in the closet. brushing
dirt from my barefeet. hard wood floors 
are a memory of the forest. the forest, then,
loud & rife with its own dusts. do you know
who you will be after gathering?
i still do not. for another day. for another 
day. waking up to the sound of debris 
rattling & trying to melody. 
i cannot afford to lose 
any accumulation. please stay with me
as i make a home amoung corners.

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