sleep eating

my body is a handful of grain.
took the moon down like a balloon.
arrow through the heart. feed myself 
meal worm in the dark until they turned
to red sugar. how could you not
want to fill your bones? i am my mother's
only remaining jar of blackberry jam. 
winter is coming soon & we will be
mummified by our doors. who knows 
what kind of hunger is waiting.
i used to only use spoons to scrape
at the far all in my bedroom but now
i take the shovel. swallow hunks
of drywall. coughing ice cream. 
i am becoming a wall or a window. 
who knows what the structure has in store.
you watch me making my way through
a dark kitchen. spiders for hands.
i knit a web over the fridge.
caress forks like stray cats. then, 
curl up, like a chestnut waiting
for a foot. spitting the pit out
in my hand. fearless peach fur.
the knife drawer turning into 
a veranda. who knew there was
so much. in the city of scarcity
everyone believes it's already over.
but here the kitchen wearing 
a favorite shadow. you do not stop me.
you simply watch. 

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