body safe wax

i held the wick between my teeth 
even as you pulled. there was a flame
or i was the flame or the room 
was a flame. half of a safe word. 
i wanted to be a sensation 
& not a pair of lungs. wanted to 
stand vigil over a dining room table.
bless the chicken. kneeling.
an urn. holding the candle or me.
the lighter he kept in his pocket.
another frame in the basement like
a merged pair of eyes. who could know
it would be this static? this urgent 
to bring heat to flesh. over the fire
or holding the fire. a hoard 
of boys all waiting to be good.
do you know what it means to recieve?
i open my palms. ask to hold
the baby. the baby is nothing
but rope. the baby is a bedroom.
who knew it would be this easy 
to ask for salvation? no no not like that.
i mean a rope bridge & a kerosene lamp.
no more tongues. just candles flickering
at every spoken word. i could give you
a new contintent. spill an atoll 
on the ocean of your back. call me
blue as a before the bruising.
i go as far back as the word "yes." 

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