ice cream cows & hoof eating

when i say i don't want any animal products
i mean i want to burrow deep beneath 
the earth's surface & drink diamonds. 
coax the animal out of the mineral. weren't we all
once an amber-captured DNA staircase? 
cows in the field behind my television 
are aware their bodies are going towards
rainbow-sprinkled delight. they're bitter about it.
sometimes they'll go static in protest.
cows perched in waffle cones. cows laying down
in the grey before the storm. when i look at jello
it seems so harmless. once, i dated a guy
whose eyes wobbled like jello whenever he saw me.
the cows are waiting in line at the ice cream parlor.
when was the last time you tasted your purpose?
if the wordl were to collapse i would not
be the best asset. i am already ready to become
a sacrifice. i see myself under the tab
of a jello cup saying, "these are made
from the hard footsteps of goats." 
a horse once asked me if i knew there is
horse meat in some burgers. i replied
"there is some meat in everything." 
once, i opened a piece of junk mail 
& a cow slipped out. she explained she was
meant for slaughter but wanted something more.
i told her to hide & i made a tiny cow statue of her.
she's still on my desk. morally speaking,
sweet is always better than savory.
a spoon enters the reddest red & comes out
covered in mouth. i sit in a field with the cows.
i go static too & no one finds us.
an ice cream truck circles the block 
long into the night, looking for victims.

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