popcorn room

in my heat incarination 
i learned how to speak pure
& without any kernels. 
opening the door to the room
at the top of the highest staircase.
our house of catastrophies
& trophies. who is the greatest
grimace of them all. who can bare
the weight of earthworms
as they find their way
out of the spigot. instead,
here is the play dungeon.
exactly where nothing matters 
but depth. mice feed 
on the underbellies of clouds
but not here. this is 
the purity room for those for whom
purity was never an option.
pure like gems & never like bodies
because there's no such thing.
butter machine in the corner.
wading through the field of 
mindless flowers. do you remember
how you discovered your particular 
rupture? i was imagining 
a dandelion's ancient head
& a boy blowing all the seeds
free into the wind. he was 
a boy just like me. chest smiling 
with scars. not a single tuft left. 
it's about clearing space & what is removed
to open it. my heart's drain plug.
pull me out of the fire. pull me
out of the pile. no more shoes.
no more neckties, only
the crispness of popcorn under foot.
i was born in a paper bag
then carried to a scale to be weighed.
we all know the room is there
but to speak of it would be
to diminish its lure. describe for me
exactly how you like to season your air.
i inhale sugar twine.
as god to bind my hands 
behind my back & push the door closed
with his booted foot. 

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