how many stomachs do cows have?

i use the third & fourth stomaches
to store orphaned earrings
& stray shopping lists. i call them
"lost" & "found." sitting in the high chair,
someone is coming to feed me eels.
i've waited so long to tell you this.
haven't you ever gone out
into the pasture in search of
a burried heirloom? digging is difficult
with hooves. in my cow-soul i savor
every summer storm. i teach a young calf
how to read stars. maps leading back
to the hole in the mountain where
the first cow emerged fearful 
& without eyes. the second stomach 
is more of a corredor. a standing room.
there is only one chair 
& jazz plays softly all day
but not in a relaxing way. 
at this point, my whole body 
is a liminal space but that term is 
overused. what i really mean 
is my organs go no where & fear nothing.
the first stomach is just 
my grandmother's purse. still a pocket
with twenty-dollar bills in it
to be stolen by terrible girls
who want to buy black eyeliner.
two tomatoes rot on the counter.
i am the cow in the kitchen 
which is the opposite of 
a bull in a china shop. there are
stray bulls though if we end up needing one.
reproduction is over rated 
i would rather duplicate. here is
another adult in need of stockings.
there are more stomach of course
but if i told you about them
they'd lose their magic. 
what is the point of a secret
if you don't tell someone it exists.
with another stomach i once 
traveled back in time. saw men 
bored in the fields just laying 
on their backs. we have changed so little.
all the paintings hung in my stomaches
are askew. i hire a man to fix them.
he says, "this is going to cost you."
i don't have enough to fix it 
so decide it's just my aesthetic now.
tilt your head. the heirloom 
has been eaten by the earth.

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