wax lips

talk to me like a leather saddle.
in the candy shop our mouths
were ripe as honeydew. you dripped
from your bowl of bruises 
& i smiled like only a false god can.
making a shrine for juju bees.
praying from their arrival. wads
of pink gum in our hair. i grew
to the size of a jaw breaker.
i broke a picture frame intended 
to house the whole world. a lollipop 
growing from what wa supposed to be
a tomato plant. i eat a balanced diet 
of red dyes. putting on my artifical hair
to go out in search of a nice man. 
find them knotted in their own cotton candy.
pink-haired, i found a forest of cubicles.
in each a vending machine promised
only peanut m&ms. a room of goats 
wearing wax lips. the mouth is
the most edible organ. i took yours
in mine. you took mine & ran away.
shared it with neighbors until 
the whole town had a tooth 
& a sweet cherry flavor. melting 
on the perfect sidewalk. i am learning
brevity in the form of candy watches.
biting time in the face. you telling me,
"i have no mouth beneath this one"
when i go to take off your wax lips.
"where is it?" i ask. you evaporate
under the pressure to be real.
i don't blame you, i would too.
there's always another body part though.
don't have a foot? here's an ear.
i keep a spare closet of pinky fingers.
we spread gummy spiders out on the table.
i say, "they look like they're moving."
you are not really there but you do say
"that's because they are." 

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