instant shipping

our future desire will be 
housed on the head of a pine needle.
screen door blowing open.
a tornado in every heart beat.
kissing a man on a conveyor belt.
here is how fast we will learn
to put out the fire with salt.
a television for asking
& a television for receiving.
windows blinking away a new need.
once i ordered three pounds of bananas 
on a grocery app. a man knocked
at my door carrying the bananas 
like infants. lost-look in his eyes 
he asked, "are these all yours?"
this is how i feel about both
my purchases & my old lovers.
walking the length 
of a dead airport landing strip.
birds have advertising jingles
stuck in their heads. a lawn mower 
is here to cut the day moon in half.
you have to pay to see it full.
there's an app for that & another
to ask the stars what your body means.
mine tells me "introduce yourself,
you're fearless today." i am no such thing.
i am more hungry than i have ever been.
my socks are automatic. soon 
even my fingers will have staircases.
do i just want the say piece i say it do
or do i want ever single knot.
i fill the shopping cart again.
hover my thumb over the "proceed" button
for hours & then days until the items
are dust & i am still wanting them.

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