sleep lessons

i consult stones for their knowledge
only to find they are not resting at all.
exerting themselves to exhaustion.
"i won't keep you," i tell them.
inside my skull are balled up socks 
& an abandonded water park 
from outside of the town where i grew up. 
i keep most of my wreckage private.
tend a burn pile. leaves escaping 
in a gust of wind. ash-kissed flags.
we search the ceiling like a map
when it comes to this. gathering 
the room up. there is a pocket
for anything. to want something 
means you do not truly have it.
sleep turns into a golden calf
& runs the city ragged. 
we keep the curtains closed for fear
the creature will find us & demand 
payment. he does not know 
how to rest either. i ask my partner 
if she knows what the tallest building 
in the city is & she says it is 
the memory of a giant birch tree.
i fill a bowl with dirt.
put my ear the soil, 
trying to hear their music.
my body thrums. becomes a roost 
for bats. thousands of them 
in each of my shadows. the sun
tenses like a squinted eye.
light spills honey-like & loud 
across the morning sidewalk. 

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