lithium mine

in a green square i saw
future wire zoos. knots of eager. 
i want to get tangled in 
the gold of my ideas. a fragment
asked where i had learned to write 
using ogham. i learned from my blood
& the work of upside down trees. 
the ladders lead into blue fields. 
energy is always coming to the surface. 
workers talk to the water. sweep the souls
of tomorrows electricty. my body 
is a breeding ground for crystals.
find them on the roof of my mouth.
bitter & then sweet. sustenance 
to make it through the landscape's trials.
geese cut through my notions of season.
we all need the source & the source
learns our names. my reflection 
in hopscotch words. a tongue
wide enough for mirrors. we once opened
the guts of a machine to find 
a gallery of gems. the quilt was made
for fire eating. a hook to hang jackets.
hymnals floating beneath. tinged 
with the glee of wrongful discovery.
schemes of extraction. tell me how
you would like to be stolen from.
the earth splays her legs open.
with a knife i kiss both thighs.
batteries on a vine. i push one
into the back of a lover's neck. 
they tell me they've been tired
for so long. they thank me for voltage. 
praise the harvest. the field teems.
blue rash on our hands. dropping marbels 
& watching them sing away.  

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