metal salad

we spooned the factory.
said "goodnight" to our old bodies.
bionic tongue & a firework 
bursting in the fridge.
all i wanted when i was fourteen
was to make monuments 
to my visible bones. let robots 
skii across every vertabrae.
red button on my neck blinking
"catastrophe." he kissed it
like a mole. i sit 
tearing a piece of foil off
& wadding it up in my mouth.
i'd chew like this, looking
for flower meat or other 
sustenance. a bouquet of forks.
swallowing a knife whole.
my boyfriend watched me 
like a doctor. i filled my skull
with tarantulas. they programed
a video game where balloons 
hit the ceiling & you have to
try to rescue them. a pixel 
replaces the snow flake 
& our hunger is never the same.
i prefer copper but will settle
for nickle if i must. 
snacking on coins by a fountain.
long ago, i took to becoming
my own pool for wishing. 
i drop sacrifices into my heart
to watch the ripples. surfaces
bleed without warning. now there is
a hammer head on the kitchen table.
everything can be a murder weapon.
metal alphabets are the only way
i can even say, "i need you"
or "i love you." my love is
steel-toed & walks unsturdy. 
we split the gold ring for lunch.
a portal forever waxing in my chest.

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