i had a crown of beautiful
talon. the urge 
to trace my own limits.
where the telephone polls 
hold their gardens 
as close as knives.
you drew me nearer 
with a urinal of coins.
my number for the time 
of your life. flesh 
for the golden future.
all glory is about is about
how you enter the unknown.
i knew this was a bramble.
counted the teeth
on each of your fingers.
snakes nesting 
in the warmth of our
matches. this was not then
an unknown at all.
this was a coal walk
into hell's vibrant hearth.
promises in the form
of hard caramels
& latex. wrapping even
your tongue you said
this is all you needed
then you throw a stone
into the pond of my face.
thorns of each ripple.
one whole ocean covered 
in push-pins. i asked 
your permission 
to run. you grabbed my wrist.
gas stations turned 
inside out. emptied 
like abandoned purses.
made me look at my palm-reading.
there, i followed 
the asphalt of my life line
right back to your tongue.

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