homily for the hard candies 

window sugar to be spyglassed.
we looked through each other
& became the saints on the other side
of the stained glass forest.
preaching to the birds,
saint francis said,
"i do not believe 
in any of this." faith is 
a jump rope game. the question is
are you playing double-dutch
or going it alone? i sometimes think
of attending a mass again. 
seeing the old priest
saunter up to the microphone
& make a desert with his mouth.
a bowl of candy hovers 
like a mothership. i unwrap myself
& toss my dresses into a trash can.
my skin, sweet as shoelaces.
this is how to live your
sweet dwindling life. 
a holiday is coming with 
dozens of new doors to worship.
the exit signs held up be cherubs.
he tells us he is hungry for
a fruit tree. for miles
all the apples & the peaches 
turn to sundials. the congregation too
lay shoulder to shoulder 
in a glass bowl. they say 
here is what you asked for lord.
outside i become a dragonfly.
drink nectar from 
a teacupped flower. whisper
to the humming birds, asking 
"how do you live your lives?"
they say, "without guilt."

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