living room video bowl

the fish were pre-fabricated 
just like my breakfast.
getting on a plane metaphorically speaking.
we used to be so distracted 
& now look at us trying to compost.
i don't want anything to do with
saving the planet. instead, i would prefer
to leave that work up to geese.
i have my advertising jingles 
to put the babies to sleep.
crimson flowers bloom 
non-holographically. we take turns
dipping our faces in a bowl 
of moon water. it tastes like salt.
the view from the space walk.
eating without utensils 
is always more convienent. 
my finger nails are home to
potential real estate.
for sale signs grow like tumors 
from the corners of the house
have you met the five-headed dandelion 
& heard what she has to say?
she's promising summer
in the form of a pill. i swallow
most of my medication 
without knowing its names.
all i want is for the fish
to know this kind of delight.
they can't though because they're
on a loop. living gifs.
aquarium plants starting off alive
& turning plastic. i used to believe
in destiny & now all i trust
are cheerios. their perfect portals.
while everyone is distracted
i step through one & end up
on the other side of exaltation.
pixels the size of tangerines.
citrus sting of a good kiss.
no one will remember today
because it might as well have not. 
taking the week out of my ending.
instead, i will blame 
the children who play 
pass the computer. the internet
trying to chart her own family tree
& finding only irises.
whole oceans of them. 

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