sleet keeping

i ask the sky 
for the perminance
it cannot give. step out
into cobalt with 
an open bucket. collect for me
every fingernail & follicle.
if i am contained i am
not diminishing. i am still
in a world where i could
love you like i used to 
& we can still be a necklace
of ice. i want to be worn.
to be kept in a velvet box.
for you to call me "lover"
& bring me any trinket 
you can find. is it too much to ask
to be the cloud's muse.
rain coming now like beetles.
i heard you humming
as you dismantled your hands
one finger at a time.
what parts of you 
will i get to keep? i would like
to give you a snow ball
from a year ago. inside 
is a pearl born
in dust & stir. i empty 
every accumulation. 
no one tells the truth 
when they just want 
to feel holy. there are
buckets of beads that resemble
our eyes. i'm threading them 
on the telephone polls.
still the color of slate
heaven is full 
of unemptinesses. 

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