dark room for pictures i didn't take

when i told you i would remember
the door opened like a cascade of nowhere.
into the fade of your face.
a humid tongue to stand on.
this is my ted talk on why we shouldn't
ever be in love. picking sick from
from the thumb trees of our town.
an abandoned factory spitting bolts 
into our open hands. i would have
accepted anything. the photographs then 
hanging like moons on their strings.
soldiers in their own right.
how sometimes an image can be 
sharp enough to extract your whole life.
the times my body was a projector sheet.
dipping me in the developer. your teeth
in a line across my chest. 
will i always be swallowed? did i allow
the mouth or did the mouth allow me?
drinking with our pinkies up.
the rusted & dead driveway batteries
we have to use to turn on brocade.
pictures of feather you took 
& took as they fell from a slit.
i asked for your help but you said
you were hungry. everyone is an artist
until the hollow becomes a partner.
i carried his bag of echoes
to the creek. a bullfrog ate a bird.
a snake formed an infinity symbol
as a joke. i emptied everything
he told me about my skin. 
but the world splashed back at me.
i lost my eyebrows to this.
the photos bathes bringing them
into a future of black & white.
this is not a picture of us. this is
only a picture of me.

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